Science Education. Figure Skating. Geochemistry Research.

I hold a PhD in Geochemistry from UCLA and I taught science at the high school level for two years. Now I work in a geotechnical laboratory and spend my free time skating, dancing and writing.

Follow your passions. Here are mine...

anything figure skating, doing twizzles, watching sunrises, sweating in forty degrees, dancing in the rain, performing on ice, singing in the car, teaching math and science, coaching skating, looking at rocks, staring at the stars, writing poetry, watching really bad movies, reading tween novels, running on the beach, screaming at the top of my lungs, laughing at inappropriate times, doing stupid things for good reasons, loving my friends and family, new data, painting on my iPhone, forgiving mistakes, holding hands with friends at haunted houses, roller skating in the house, playing hide and seek with my cat, cooking asian food, drinking cold lemonade, 3:00 AM at the synchrotron, reading Sherman Alexie, imagining the edge of the universe