The Beginning

So I realized that I've been around skating for awhile now.  Almost my entire life in fact. When considering this, I also began to think about an off beat blog that might be able to share some of my more interesting skating stories and entertainment. I'll try to include some classic stories as well as documenting the current events in my skating world.  While ironic and occasionally sardonic, I mean no harm to those I write about.  I love this sport and all the quirky things that come with it.

Why Inside Twizzle? This was my first twitter name and I refuse to let it go.  Hence, this blog will be using the @InsideTwizzle user name to keep track of updates and provide an interactive component. The inside twizzle is my favorite skating move and I like to think the name also reflects that little bit of insider knowledge I have.  To here's to twizzling our way through the skating insanity...

<3 Ms. Twizzle <3